"With the domain of knowledge and market trends, to offer fair and complete solutions in the Accounting and Expert Evaluations, providing satisfaction and meeting the expectations of our clients, using as principal management tool the tecnology   and the partnership with suppliers and collaborators generating profitability."


To be remembered by our clients of accounting services as market reference, always employing high technology and with constant professional qualification.


Commitment: Efficiency and Efficacy in customer service, with fair price, seeking to exceed their expectations;
Respect: Gentle and indistinct treatment to customers, suppliers and employees of the company, promoting harmony and motivation in the workplace;
Ethics: Aim for the common good, always acting with honesty, transparency, loyalty and justice. Follow morals and good customs;
Credibility: Maintain transparency and acceptance in the market, aiming at compliance with laws and agreements;
Quality: Attend standards and principles, helping in the perpetuity of your business.

Business Objective

Since 2003, Mrhenrique has been working with its clients to implement and maintain effective accounting, administrative and financial standards.

Counting on a qualified and experienced team, Mrhenrique Assessoria Contábil e Avaliações Periciais is an excellent option for accounting, administrative and financial services, consulting and accounting expertise.
All the services are provided by experienced professionals, continuously trained, using widely of the newest technological resources and, counting on the advice of reputed consultants.
Our biggest challenge is the full satisfaction of our customers, for this reason, we do not measure efforts to find solutions that make their day-to-day work easier, whether in reporting or
agile feedback.
These data are under constant changes, due to political and economic adaptations in the municipality, state and country.

Updated informations on these issues are fundamental to avoiding future problems, such as fines.
Among the various services we render to Individuals and Legal Entities, we are becoming a reference in tax advice and consulting, as our efforts are aimed to  demonstrate the best options within the scenario where we know that the Brazilian tax  burden fluctuates every year and that taxes suffocate the companies. Our work has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and small, medium and large companies in different sectores (such as industries, trade and services), They initially came to us for tax consulting, usually because they don’t have the support of a tax specialist, and then, faced with the facts presented in our work (most of the time, a drastic reduction of  the tax burden), they migrate their accounting to our company.                                             


Our differences

Since 2003 in the market, Mrhenrique Assessoria Contábil e Avaliações Periciais has become an experienced company with a large portfolio of satisfied customers. Customers that are in the branches of industries, trades, services and non-profit associations, being these in different tax regimes: MEI, National Simple, Presumed Profit and Real Profit.



We have a wide range of differentiated and tailer-made services to meet the needs of our customers.


It is a company certified by PQEC (Quality Program for Accounting Firms), an AESCON / SESCON program.

Team recognized by the 2017 Top Of Mind Award.


Partnership with VALID SERASA Digital Certification.

Greater comfort, security and agility in the acquisition of E-CPFs and E-CNPJs.

Company specialized in tax planning and expertise.

Team of accountants, analysts and consultants specialized in Tax Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Business Management, People Management and Financial Management.



Greater security for our customers. Company with Civil Liability Insurance policy.



Quality System in customer service with prompt technical support.



We have the most modern tools on the market, where we can highlight.

     1. Integration of payroll.

     2. Invoice Information is extracted directly from the federal revenue.

     3. Electronic reminder of the maturity of taxes.

   4. Tax Simulator (Calculates taxation related to NCM).

     5. Electronic Bulletins.

     6. Exclusive portal for customers: More comfort, agility and security in the information and shipment of documents.

     7. negative certificate issued directly on the customer portal.

     8. All services with mapped processes.



Easy access to our team of accountants, analysts and consultants.



Customized business training as required by the client.

Extension Courses, Workshops and Lectures.



High-quality services with customized solutions for customers at highly competitive prices.







The quality policy of “Mrhenrique Assessoria Contábil e Avaliações Periciais” aims to ensure the conformity of products and services and the ability to increase customer satisfaction.


"The focus on increasing customer’s satisfaction is maintained."





The Mrhenrique Accounting and Expert Assessments, acting in the segment of fiscal bookkeeping, accounting, legalization, personnel and expert evaluations, have as their commitment:


  • Meet customer’s regulatory and statutory requirements, applicable to our business.
  • Improve continuously the quality management system by improving process performance.
  • Maintain a competent and committed work team.



Marcelo Rabelo Henrique

SP, 01/02/2017




Team values Mrhenrique




"Efficiency and Efficacy in customer service, with fair price, always seeking to exceed their expectations."





"Gentle and indistinct treatment to customers, suppliers and employees of the company, promoting harmony and motivation in the workplace. "





"To aim for the common good, always acting with honesty, transparency, loyalty and justice. Always follow morality and good manners."





"Maintain transparency and acceptance in the market, aiming at compliance with laws and agreements made."







"Meet the standards and principles, aiding in the perpetuity of your business."






"With a modern system focused on management and integration, a trained and specialized team, always aiming for a fast, organized and informed return, thus being able to provide greater security and quickness to our customers".






SCG Viagens LTDA

"I've been working Mrhenrique for some time, they follow a standard service line, all the staff are very attentive and concerned with solve problems and guide us in the best possible way. Very grateful to everyone.
." 07/04/2021. Lucilene Oliveira Gomes







SCG Viagens LTDA

"As for the services provided by MRHenrique, I am very satisfied, the service is fast, accurate and the professionals who serve me demonstrate knowledge of the subject." 22/03/2021. Silvio Cesar G. Gaia






R Ressutte - ME

"I am very grateful for all the support of the MR Henrique team. It is a very dedicated team, ready for any solution in record time. I have always been very well attended by all professionals. I have only praise in the last 5 years of partnership. The word that defines it is PROFESSIONALISM AND AGILITY. Thank you all." 02/03/2021. Rodrigo Ressutte





Crisbis Eventos Ltda

"I think Mrhenrique is excellent !!!

Thank you for providing us with the best service" 17/10/2020. Ana Cristina Bernardes






MCG - Motores Eléctricos

"We have been together in this partnership since July 2019, each day I am more surprised by the effectiveness and agility in returning my doubts, not to mention the security that transmits us by the capacity of your entire team!

Congratulations to all and keep it up!" 13/10/2020. Márcio Carlos Gonçalves





MSA Escritório de Direito

"MR Henrique is much more than an accounting firm, it is a fundamental partner of the firm, because in addition to taking care of all our tax and human resources, it provides us with great technical assistance, essential for our activity, in view of being a law firm, with certainty our growth is due to the effective participation of all the professionals of this wonderful team, and we could not fail to express our satisfaction and gratitude" 22/04/2020. Mauro Martins





Quality Comercio de Materiais Eletricos Ltda

 "I have been with MrHenrique since July 2019 and I can say that I am very pleased with the services provided, very competent professionals and very fast feedback. And what reassures me very much is the security they convey through demonstrated knowledge month by month. month ... Very Grateful Mrhenrique " 01/15/2020. Marcelo Leite





Wretamiro Desenvolvimento Profissional

"To join an entrepreneurial activity these days, it is necessary to consolidate partnerships that commit to seriousness and high quality services. This commitment I was able to identify and experience in the services provided by MRHenrique, which has been shown Not only a company competent in its activity and rich in a qualified and solicitous human capital, but also as a partner for the development of the activities of my company" 01/07/2020. Wiliam Retamiro





Antonio J. Ferreira Consultoria Imobiliaria

"I would like to note that I am very pleased with the level of professionalism, technical knowledge and attention MRHenrique has given to my company.
Serious people who care about evolution and growth of my business." 13/11/2019. Antônio J. Ferreira






Maria Aparecida Del Duca Telles Pires - Epp

"We are very pleased with Mrhenrique's services, always attentive, kind and willing to help us. Congratulations to all involved, team note 10. Thank you very much!" 11/06/2019. Vanessa Anselmo





Gercio Lara

"What about a team that has always supported me? I am very pleased with the way MR works. I recommend all the people who need accounting services. Congratulations this team deserves my respect." 08/10/2019. Gercio Lara






Ismael Zacarias Soares - ME


"There are more than 10 with MR Henrique and the helpfulness and service of the staff still impress me. Always agile and accurate in troubleshooting. I already pointed it out to several friends because it is a company that I really trust." 10/09/2019. Ismael












Silvania Eugenio



"The advice provided by MR Henrique exceeds our expectations. Your Accounting team provides security by being technically prepared either for guidance involving the corporate labor sphere or even identifying legal solutions that will reduce the company's tax costs. Good advice is investment! I recommend MR Henrique in the certainty of excellence in the services provided." 11/09/2019. Silvania Eugenio





Prátika Representação e Transporte Ltda


"My opinion of your servisse is yery positive, they have Always been very helpfu and polite in everything we nee." 06/07/2019. Kelly Caracho.






Vida Med Saúde Ocupacional


"When a competente team is assembled it is almist certain that the fruits will be Worth reaping. But you exceeded all expectations and went even furher than anticipated. Congratulations to all the TEAM" - 05/08/2019. Lucia/Inês






I9DC Consultoria e Servicos de TI Ltda.



"I love the services you provide. Note 10". 04/02/2019

Fabiane Galhardo






Roberto Alo


"MRhenrique is a reputable company with high problem solvving capabilities. Always helpful, usually responds briefly tom y requests I recommend." 02/18/2019 Roberto Alo








Piscare Distribuição de Frutos do Mar e Serviços

"The services of Mrhenrique allowed Piscare ( to grow and leverage its results in a highly regulated food market with diversified tax characteristics, always with professionalism, ethics, in line with current legislation and commitment to the client." 08/27/2018 Renato Figueiredo





Antônio Saporito


"MRHenrique Consult stands out for providing services with excellence and within the best expectations. I believe the vast majority should be as satisfied as I am. I hope you continue this way and have great success providing great satisfaction to all customers." 9/24/2018 Antonio Saporito





Thinass Pneus


"First of all, I want to thank everyone, even though I've been working together for a short time. I see the responsibility of the services provided, with accuracy and charisma. Having aided me in everything I need, I have only to thank and would recommend it without problems. Thanks to all.I hope they continue always like this, and growing more and more" 10/18/2018 Ana Lucia





Jardim Veronia Esporte Clube de Ermelino Matarazzo


"I was having problems in the accounting office that performed services for the garden veronia sport club when I was introduced to Marcelo. I transferred the documents of the entity to his office and from then on I did not have any more problems. The efficiency with  which they resolve all the documents is very good and I indicate to other companies if they need a good accounting work." 7/31/2018 Valter







"I like the services of Mrhenrique, I have also indicated to some colleagues, the efficiency of the services and also the dissemination of information from you, I only have praise for this company that is serving me very well. (Nilma Gonçalo 'Administration')"  6/28/2018 Nilma Gonçalo